Electronics Business Division : FYD Co.ltd.
FYD Co.ltd.

FYD Ltd was established with its core values by providing its customers with high quality products at a reasonable price and timely-delivery.
We start producing a control sensor of streetlight and exported it overseas. We received positive responses from our customers. Because of this, we acquired the title of the “right agent” in Korea from companies producing semi-conductors and electronic parts overseas. We are supplying the Electronic industry with parts/components such as STB (SET TOP BOX), TVs, PCs, displays, automotive parts, and mobile components.
We established the local subsidiaries in six countries including South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Singapore.
We have also supplied required electronic parts directly to Korean leading companies as well as local companies from the site.
In addition, we constructed domestic government-furnished work based in the LED lighting business.

-We are meeting the diverse needs of our customers constantly.
-Explore the future and give dreams and hope to young people.
-See our development through the development of the society.

In order to achieve this goal, we will do our best to make our customers feel deeply moved with our best service.
Knowledge Business Division : ROA Holdings, Inc.
ROA Holdings, Inc.

Research On Asia (ROA) Holdings is a Tokyo-based market research and consulting company specializing in wireless and mobile markets in Asia that is introducing emerging technologies and growth opportunities in the region as well as the current developments in the highly advanced markets.
We have offices in Japan, South Korea, China (Shenzhen), Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore in order to deliver sophisticated gateway services between Western and Asian companies through local networks.
Baby Products Business Division : TODBI

TODBI launched jointly with the existing Korean TODBI brand, and is also named Korean multi baby brand shop. We are planning to spread the excellence of Korean toddlers’ products, equally competing with the existing famous brands. Moreover, based on our Hong Kong branch, we aim to advance throughout the Asian community including China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and Southeast Asia.
With a better reasonable price and a better quality as well as classy design, the excellence of Korean products has spread all over Asia including China’s market.
We expect to maximize the availability of our business, taking advantage of the global network from FYD Group.
You can see how great the TODBI’s status from luxury shopping mall in many countries such as Hong Kong, Great China, Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries starting in 2013. TODBI is the Korean local brand.

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