CEO/CFO Jun Han “Life is a never-ending challenge. The most important thing is to do ones best and try to put an effort in every work you do”.
I believe that I could lead this company with my simple, clear and warm strategy as an officer of the Army of the Republic of Korea, which I’m always proud of.
I majored in mechanical and automobile engineering in undergraduate and graduate school, and after that I was responsible for accounting, planning, HR, and sales. These have given me great experience in both engineering and business.
CSO Steve Lee
CSO Steve Lee I was responsible for technical planning and product planning for Samsung Electronics, and worked as a senior consultant for Mindbranch Asia Pacific.
I conducted more than 100 research and consulting projects. My clients were major telecommunication operators in Asia, which produce terminal and electronic makers, as well as European and US companies.
I am particularly familiar with the analysis of technology and trends involved in the analysis of major Asian companies’ competitiveness and the development of methodology in market forecast.
Adviser B.O.IM
Adviser B.O.IM When I was young, I always thought that challenges are part of life and I called myself “Lucky Man” because I was able to solve problems and overcome difficulties.
I went from a technical public official to a commissioned officer in the army and worked as a middle enterprise here in Korea for a semi-conductor for 15 years. I could say that I knew the ins and outs of any organizations better than others. Then, I created a raise in our overseas expansion in Taiwan’s market.
Living in Taiwan for ten years gave me lots of experience and helped me understand the important relationship between Korea, Taiwan, and China.
One may think that Taiwan is not an important place to Korea, but it’s important ground for me to learn more about Taiwan and China. I started in the trading business in 2002 in order to form economic coalition between Korea and Taiwan, utilizing my 15 years of know-how experiences in Korea, China, and Taiwan.
While keeping the relationship of mutual-coalition with FYD since 2003, I worked as an advisor for FYD since 2011 doing consultation and expanding our market to China and sourcing new suppliers as well as negotiating international contracts and giving direction in overall FYD business.

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